We Are More Than a Homeless Shelter

     The Nehemiah Project was founded in 1988 to serve the homeless in northern Michigan.  We are a faith based non-profit organization providing emergency housing for men, women and children. We not only provide food and shelter but we focus on building new healthy relationships. The Nehemiah Project ministry was named after and modeled after the Old Testament prophet Nehemiah who helped to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem and was a model of hope, faithfulness, caring and motivation.  Nehemiah means, "The Lord has comforted". 

                           Staff                                                                                                                 Board of Directors
 Michael Walker, Executive Director                                                  Howard Beck, MD Chairman           Rev. Jim Larsen
 Gale Walker, Mary Margaret House Director                                    Becky Nohel, CPA, Treasurer         Rev. Ward Potts   Melinda Fisher, Grace House Supervisor                                           Sam Buitendorp, Secretary            Jeremy Wills, DDS         and Administrative Assistant                                                      Pastor Jim Gerber                             Ward Walstrom
                                                                                                                  Carole Griffin                                     Michele Walker

Nehemiah House ~ Men's Home

Mary Margaret House ~ Women and Children's Home



                 This multi-purpose building houses our offices,                     winter warm room, and Chapel.